Oil industry

With the development of the seal, the people understanding of it, the seal is also from the original use only on the meter, water meter shi blockade of development to now used in logistics, transportation and other industries, now lead seal has been widely used in the oil industry.

The use of the seal on the oil industry is mainly used in oil tank truck, should pay attention to when using the source the good sealing quality; Standard oil tanker seal; The specification tankers seal; Strengthening seal check; To modify the seal management measures, etc. The management of the seal is very important:

The first is the seal quality control, which is sent to seal company in the inspection, found that the number errors and seal integrity.

The second is the logistics check, found the specification and the holes in the seal of the carrier vehicle, etc.

Third, standardize tanker seals. Tanker replace the motherboard, the encoder must be reported by the official text consult Area, Area Manager until the company approved, the number of security personnel to personally appear Supervision Bureau Shi Feng.

Number four is examination, according to a photo issued for improvement. Finally modified lead seal, liu to governance of a perfect seal machine account, check the record, but also to improve the seal management.

Seal of the management team, for the safety of the oil tank truck, oil leakage has played a very good protection effect.

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