Commodity inspection

Inspection process:
my country's import and export commodity inspection mainly involves four links: acceptance of inspection, sampling, inspection and issuance of certificates.

1. Acceptance inspection: Inspection inspection means that the person concerned with foreign trade applies for inspection to the commodity inspection agency. When applying for inspection, it is necessary to fill in the "application form for inspection application", fill in the application for inspection and appraisal work items and requirements, and submit the externally signed sales and purchase contract, transaction sample and other necessary information.

2. Sampling: After the commodity inspection agency accepts the application for inspection, it will promptly send personnel to the cargo storage location for on-site inspection and appraisal. When sampling, a certain number of samples (specimens) that can represent the quality of the entire batch of goods shall be taken from different parts of the goods in accordance with the prescribed method and a certain proportion for inspection.

3. Inspection: After the commodity inspection agency accepts the application for inspection, it will carefully study the declared inspection items, determine the inspection content, carefully review the contract (letter of credit) on the quality, specifications, and packaging requirements, clarify the basis for the inspection, and determine the inspection standards and methods. Then sampling inspection, instrument analysis inspection; physical inspection; sensory inspection; microbiological inspection, etc.

4. Certificate issuance: In terms of export, all the export commodities listed in the category list shall be issued with the release form after the commercial inspection is passed (or the release seal shall be stamped on the "export goods declaration form" to replace the release form). Where the contract or letter of credit stipulates that the inspection and issuance by the commodity inspection department, or if the inspection certificate is required by foreign countries, the required cover certificate shall be issued in accordance with the regulations; if the certificate is not provided to foreign countries, only the line slip will be issued.

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