Corporate Culture-Huier Shield (Shandong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Purpose:

Customer first, technology first, unity and cooperation, pragmatic.

Service Tenet:

Fully understand guest needs faults, complaints, complaints

Market Philosophy:

Based on service, survive on quality, and develop on science and technology

Business Strategy:

1. Market orientation.
According to its own advantages and characteristics, carry out accurate market positioning, find one's own position, focus on users, and make a fuss around the market.

2. Be brave to innovate.
Be brave to innovate in technology, refurbish in service, and update in products

3. Be adaptable.
Analyze and grasp the market operating environment, relying on its own operating advantages, be flexible and adaptable, and invest limited resources in a certain target market.

4. rich in characteristics.
According to the operating conditions of the enterprise and the operating environment in which it is located, it highlights one of its own characteristics, personalities and styles, and shows unique differences.

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