Air freight is an important part of modern aviation logistics air freight business, valuables, fresh air cargo is international trade goods and precision instrument is the way of transportation.

Air transport is also called air transport. It is generally more urgent goods, road transport can not meet the requirements of the customer's time, the customer will choose air transport. Air transport is swift and safe. The high efficiency of just-in-time has won a considerable market, greatly shortens the delivery time, and greatly promotes the capital turnover and circulation of the logistics supply chain.

Air cargo mainly takes the form of consolidation, or directly by the shipper entrust air cargo agents, cargo air freight material to arrive and then through the point of origin of air freight agent related party to transfer the goods to the consignee's hands. Business besides involves the airlines, but also rely on the help of air freight agent. Operating air express most of the multinational company, the company will be in the form of wholly owned or joint venture business deeply around the world, established a global network. Aviation express delivery basic is done within the multinational companies. While the international postal service by the universal postal union in most countries in the world, in the form of cooperation between the postal service, mail through the cooperation of two or more national postal authorities to complete the transfer.

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