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With the development of China's economy, the demand for electric power resources in China is increasing. The application of electric power is very extensive, from scientific research to production, from industry to agriculture, from cities to rural areas, from national construction to people's life, all walks of life are inseparable from it. Electric energy has played an inestimable great role in the development of modern industrial production and the improvement of human material living standard. Power stone high quality secondary energy, it is made up of primary energy (coal, oil, water, wind, geothermal energy, tidal energy, natural gas, solar energy and nuclear energy, etc.) converted, he can be easily converted into other forms of energy, after transportation, a total of different users.

In order to meet the various requirements of different regions, different environments and users, the electric meter box has developed from single meter to 12 meters, with different specifications and different styles for customers to choose. But there are also many people playing the attention of stealing electricity, secretly disassembling and changing the line in the electricity meter to steal other people's electricity for their own use. So in order to prevent such a situation, the meter lead seal appeared.

Meter lead seal, also known as meter lock. The main role is to prevent the occurrence of electricity theft, with the increase of the use of electricity meters, electricity meter seal not only has a role of security against theft, but also as a certificate of quality.

There are two kinds of lead seal of electricity meter, one is the big cover of electricity meter, one is the small cover of electricity meter. The lead seal on the big cover of the electricity meter is the lock seal of the inspection, repair and manufacturing department, and the lead seal on the small cover is the lock seal of the power supply enterprise to install the table, inspection and other personnel.

Seal regardless of size, is a kind of blockade meaning, in addition to professional holding seal clamp mold can be opened, other personnel are prohibited to open.

The traditional lead aluminum seal, abandoned, recycling is not good, will cause serious environmental pollution, now has been gradually eliminated by the market.

Now the lead seal on the meter is made of plastic, this plastic meter seal has the characteristics of easy to use, clear anti-theft identification, and so on. The material of the lead seal is PC polycarbonate, which has high anti-radiation acid and alkali resistance and other superior performance.

Meter seal has the purpose of anti-theft, you can print the customer name LOGO and code on the seal sign (code is generally 6 different numbers), can effectively prevent the seal from being stolen imitation.

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