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Company News, 09-28-2018

I believe that many of you know that containers are generally found on large ships or ports, etc. With the continuous growth of my country's economic and trade, overseas shipping has an indispensable position in the modern cargo transportation market. Among them, the container has become the carrier of cargo transportation and plays an important role. However, the container is generally used in the cargo of large quantity, heavy quality and large volume, and the transportation distance is long. How can we ensure the long-distance transportation? In the process of transportation, the goods will not be stolen by others, so as to avoid people's hands and feet, that is, how to ensure the safety of the goods?
Regular people might think that it would be fine to lock the container, which would also be safer.
Indeed, the idea of adding locks is indeed correct. However, as long-term shipments in large quantities, the price of locks in the province is too high, and it is also troublesome to use. It also increases the transportation of keys, which is equivalent to adding new difficulties. The second is anti-counterfeiting. The general lock has low anti-counterfeiting performance and is easy to be opened by small tools, that is, it can be reused. Such things cannot achieve the purpose of blocking, but will bring a lot of risks to the transportation of goods, because the lock can Recycling, then, how to solve the price problem and improve anti-counterfeiting, a product called high security seal came into being.

High security seals are also called high security lead seals, high security seals, and high security seals. These are all high security seals. Features of high security seal: The lock body and the lock rod are made of metal, the interior of the lock body is a clip-spring structure, the surface is white galvanized and passivated, and the surface of the lock body is typed and serialized by stamping technology. Tensile force F≥900KG. Now high security seals have been widely used in railways, highways, ports, aviation, petroleum, chemical industry, electrical industry, post and telecommunications, cargo transportation containers, oil tankers, packaging bags and various meters, etc. are all used in high security seals。

The high security seal is made of ps transparent plastic as the sealing shell. The inside of the lock body adopts a clamp spring structure, and the outer shell is filled with ABS. The surface of the lock body can be customized by customers. Laser typing, logo, coding, bar code, color and other information are mainly used for containers and containers. A device for the seal of a car, truck, van, etc.
High security seal is firm, easy to lock, safe and reliable. Standard colors are red, yellow, red, blue, and white. Using cutting-edge laser technology and hot-pressing technology to print the company's required name or logo, neutral serial number.


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